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pumpkin pecan waffles

After a night out at the Publick House eating every morsel of the awesome macaroni and cheese and drinking amazing Belgian beers (Rochefort 10, I will love you forever) and then coming home and eating I’m-not-saying-how-many-slices of cranberry upside-down cake, it just seemed prudent to have a healthier breakfast the next morning.

pumpkin waffle ingredients

I had wanted to make pancake waffles because my sister was in town, and my original intention had been to make them from scratch, but I had seen this recipe from the Culinary Couple that uses Bisquick Heart Smart (which is their light version) and it seemed both easy and healthy.  I always have it in the pantry because my mom’s waffle recipe uses it and is fantastic. In actuality, I’m not really sure that it’s all that much healthier than making them from scratch.  I have no clue, but I tell myself it is.  Anyway, I decided it was the way to go.

pumpkin waffle batter

I’m not always at my best in the morning.  These waffles are a great example.  I was so caught up in taking the pictures for this post that I forgot to read all the ingredients, thereby leaving out the spices and the oil in the first batch.  I then completely overfilled the waffle iron, making a complete mess.  For the second batch, I turner off the timer  I had set to remind myself to take the waffles out (if I don’t set a reminder, they’ll sit in there for who knows how long) and then a few minutes later remembered that I had turned the timer off but had not taken the waffles out.  Around this point I must have actually woken up because the third batch I finally got right! Continue reading

pumpkin pancakes

Ok, it’s Friday morning so you have till the end of the day to make sure you’re stocked with ingredients for these pancakes because, trust me, you’re going to wake up Saturday morning and want pumpkin pancakes.  If you’re anything like me, you’re set already because you’re so excited about pumpkins this fall that you have several cans of pumpkin just waiting to be used in your pantry and the rest of the ingredients are pretty standard.

These pancakes great  are a delicious homage to fall and the recipe is a breeze to stumble through when you’re still a little bleary eyed.  And if you’re a fan of thick, fluffy pancakes, these are sure to do it for you.  The batter is super thick, so don’t be alarmed.  It’s actually pretty nice because it makes it so easy to pour the batter and keep your pancakes from bumping into each other on the griddle. Continue reading